CAPS AGM 2022 Minutes

CAPS Manitoba Meeting Minutes

February 9th, 2022 2:30pm @ Manitoba Club  194 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB.  Also available by Zoom Video Conference

Present @ MB Club: Certified sommeliers

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Attending by Zoom:

Certified sommeliers

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Domer Rafael, Alex Allardyce, Sean Dolenuck, Sharon Steward, Sarah Hoare, Rick Watkins, Sylvia Jansen, Larry Chornoboy, Albert Kirby, Flavia Fabio, Christopher Sprague, Matthew Zacharias, Gary Hewitt, Stefanie Mills, Melanie Eldridge, Lucas Rodrigue,


Ellen Kroeker, Felix Faundez, Rob Stansel, Ava Darrach-Gagnon, Brittany Monk, Lucy Bateman-Hatton, Glenn Sopiwnyk, Ben Sigurdson, Kim Bamburak,  Jaisen Evans, Val Bradshaw, Pierre Morier, Andrea Eby, Seema Pal, Stu Charles, Mike Muirhead, Lawrence Prout

  1. Call to Order

Domer called meeting to order

  1. Approval of the minutes from last meeting
    • Gary moved to accept, Alex second, vote to accept my membership
  2. Domer nominates Sean officially to be President of the CAPS MB chapter. (Sean took over unofficially in January as Domer was called to take over as CAPS National President.) Sean is voted in by membership


  1. President’s Report – Sean Dolenuck
  • Thanks to Domer for his tenure and accomplishments through a very difficult COVID period.
  • Thank you to all the Board Members of the last two years for the hard work, dedication and perseverance through everything. Operating Officer - Ellen Kroeker (ending her term),  Treasurer- Sharon Steward (continuing in her role),  Education- Gary Hewitt (continuing in role), Past President- Christopher Sprague




  • Past President Goals


  • Still TO DO
    • To expand into Saskatchewan (still could)- speak with Angela (Saskatoon). These talks were detailed by COVID
    • More Involvement with the Private Wine Stores ** Finish the Sales Incentives
  • Success or some progress
    • Showcase the 3 Pillar Education, Tasting, Events/Competition ** Very difficult for the situation presented, but we did manage to have some in-person tastings, some education sessions and a Provincial competition
    • Deductive Tasting Group - followed through with advanced tastings and Andrea’s sessions
    • Attempt to Branch into other mediums such as Beer & Spirits
      • Good progress with collab events such as with Middle Tap & Patent 5
    • CAPS MB in a Nutshell since our last AGM in March 2021
      • Current 88 members
        • 14 Accredited
        • 2 Corporate
        • 8 Student
        • 64 Associate
      • Implemented numerous contests throughout the pandemic
      • Masterclasses and events Martins Lane, Natural Wines and Canines, Averil Creek, Middle Tap beer event, Orvieto tasting, What’s Tea Got to do with it?, Byron Kosuge lead Pinot Noir tasting, Wine & Cheese with Cheese mongers, Dead Horse Cider, Patent 5 Happy Hour
      • Free memberships in 2021
      • WSET courses now being taught through both Wine and Drinks College of Manitoba as well as My Vinsanity @ The Winehouse
      • Best Sommelier of MB competition executed in September
      • New Sommelier graduate Roxanne Chartier upon completion of her stage in July


  • Address from Sean
  • Our community is made up of accredited sommeliers, enthusiasts, members of the hospitality industry & hobbyists. For CAPS to be at it’s strongest, all these components need to come together to build this organization/community together.
  • It takes vision, teamwork, and effort to achieve results. Most importantly, it the individual commitments of all members to the common goal of building a vibrant wine community in Manitoba and bringing the best and most productive experience to our members.
  • Any involvement members can give is very much appreciated, no matter how small, every little bit helps.
  • We are looking for positive and enthusiastic contributions for being a part of this team and sub committees involved to make these results possible.
  • Feel free at any time to approach Sean with questions, comments, ideas and suggestions.
  • Sean’s 10 Goals to achieve term as President
  1. Continue the build the teamwork between the Provincial chapter and the National chapter so it’s beneficial for both sides, etc sharing resources, attracting bigger sponsorship.
  2. Growth and Expansion to
  3. a) Sommeliers
  4. b) Hospitality
  5. c) Enthusiasts
  6. d) Hobbyists
  7. e) Education – RRVC, MTEC, other hospitality
  8. Competitions for the Best Sommelier of Canada will be in early 2023. Big priority to start getting ready for it right away
  9. Have more amateur competitions at the local level. Possibly hospitality driven? Cocktail competitions, amateur wine tastings
  10. Social Activities – important for building connections between members
  11. Planning Sommelier Based Experiences/Events such as dinners, social media to expose the greater community to our local sommeliers.
  12. Website needs to be upgraded and it is being worked on. Our new commerce feature will be through Shopify.
  13. Increase the amount that CAPS MB workis with local wine agents. For example, in showcasing visiting winemakers and promoting other wine events.
  14. Increasing restaurant involvement. Promoting memberships, events (both social and agent focused)
  15. Explore the idea of a Private Wine Store Wine Show
  16. Get involved with more groups like Bartenders Guild, SKAL, Cicerone Group, Winnipeg Whiskey Club, Kiltlifters to achieve more cross promotions.



A call out for committees.  The following are all looking for members and advisors:

  1. Membership
  2. Competition
  3. Events
  4. Wine Festival
  5. Website
  6. Tasting Group
  7. Professional Development



CAPS National Report

CAPS National Treasury is healthy at just over $15, 000 - this is after paying off most expenses from the competition

  • EVENTS- For Sommeliers
    • Best Sommelier of Canada 2021
    • Capstone Scholarships- California both Alex Allerdyce and Semma Pal are going
    • Masters of Port- Alex Allardyce and Linda Violago


  • EVENTS - For all
    • Rioja Wine Academy- Comprehensive Education
    • Capstone California -Levels 1 & 2
    • BC Wine Ambassador education
    • Champagne education – Matt Laundry
    • Wines of New Zealand – programs on their website
    • SOMM TV $25 for members  reg $50
    • Guild Somm one month free then one year for special price of $100 for the year.
    • Numerous virtual and live masterclasses
  • Best Sommelier of The Americas is February 16-19 with Matt Landry (B.C) and Hugo Duchense (Quebec) representing Canada
  • Education- National has developed streamlined program coast to coast to graduate Sommeliers. Starting this Spring/Summer.  Prepared by DJ Kearny (Director of wine at and Bruce Waldner (Somm Factory- Ontario) 
  • National website upgrade, more efficient and cross promoting the provinces
  • ASI General Assembly Takeaways:

60+ countries, Intensive Competition and Education document almost completed. Will be shared very soon.  ASI also has a new president and executive team.  Canada becoming a more dominant player within ASI with more Canadians participating in competition and on the board.

  • Best Sommelier of Canada competition will be in Halifax in 2023

Sean submits report to membership. Domer moves to accept, Christopher 2nds

  1. Nominations & Election of Vice President and Secretary
  • The floor is open for the nomination of Vice President and Operating Officer of the CAPS Manitoba Executive Board.
  • Sean nominates Flavia Fabio as incoming Vice President, Domer 2nds. Voted in by membership as incoming Vice President
  • Ellen nominates Seema Pal as incoming operations officer. Andrea 2nds.  Voted in by majority membership
  1. Treasurer Report – Sharon Steward
    • Current balance is $17,741
    • Healthy balance due to a combination of some member fees coming in and limited spending
    • Biggest expense in the last year was the Zoom account and offsetting Sean’s and Alex’s expenses for the National Sommelier competition
    • Sharon presented the new coordinated ‘dues’ date, on March 31st each year
    • Christopher moves to accept, Gary 2nds


  1. Education Report - Gary Hewitt & Andrea Eby
    • Very challenging year. Very few courses taught in the past year
    • Highlights: Roxanne Chartier becomes an accredited sommelier – Aug 11th, 2021 was her ceremony
    • Next PSP date not yet set for 2022
    • Andrea and Gary are looking forward to seeing what CAPS National Education Committee has developed – no insight has been given to us locally
    • Sylvia, Gary and Andrea provided the technical part of the MB competition
    • Andrea has been running some WSET courses – received APP (Approved Program Provider) status in 2021
    • Gary moves report be accepted, Andrea 2nds
  2. Competition Report – Sean Dolenuck & Alex Allardyce
    • MB Best Sommelier competition finally executed Sept 7th (theory) and 8th (Practical)
    • Sean (chair of committee) sends special thanks to everyone who was part of the Competition Committee; Gary Hewitt, Mike Muirhead, Christopher Sprague and Kim Bamburak.
    • The competition was a huge success, and the practical section was held at Hy’s Steakhouse on September 8 and saw 3 competitors: Danny King- Deer & Almond, Felix Faundez-Rubio -Kenaston Wine Market and the winner Alex Allardyce -Manitoba Club.
    • Alex’s comments:
    • Many thanks to the competition committee
    • Hopes she did MB proud, tried hard and learned a lot
    • Very challenging 2-day competition. Included a written portion, followed by practical. Alex did call out the last white wine, which was Albarino – only competitor to do so!
  1. Address from the CAPS National President, Domer Rafael (also now Past President for CAPS MB)

               -Domer’s priorities for his upcoming term as CAPS National President:

  • Focussing on health of the chapters
    • will continue to not take dues
    • prioritize continuing the corporate sponsorships that can financially benefit each chapter
  • Keeping the pressure on the National Education Committee to launch the program soon
  • Partnership in the works with Wine of Germany
  • Alberta Chapter
  • More scholarships; cash, professional development, education. 5 or 6 companies involved
  • Duolingo – Working on national sponsorship so our members can have discounted access to premium content
  • Call our for National Committee members-always looking for new people to join
  1. Other Business
  • Winnipeg Wine Festival - Larry Chornoboy, Chair of the Winnipeg Wine Festival reporting
    • hoping to have WWF at the Winnipeg Convention Centre Sept 24th and 25th, Gala dinner on Sept 17th, with the Gala Dinner and Festival bookending the axillary events
    • Argentina is still host country
    • Larry interested in exploring the idea of incorporating the nascent Private Wine Store ‘wine fest’ into the WWF
      • New Business
  1. By-Laws:
    1. Adjust previous Corporate Membership standards. Move to accept a change in our corporate membership to allow 4 members per organization, allow the organization to have us post 4 social media posts throughout the year to boost any marketing and promotions for a total fee of $200.  To be renewed yearly.  Sean presents the motion above. Domer 2nds the motion.  Majority vote approved.


  1. Approve Code of Ethics: CAPS National recently approved the Code of Conduct and Ethics adopted into the National By-Laws and we are looking to approve this document into the Manitoba chapter by laws, effective immediately.  Sean has a motion to accept above as a recommendation, Sharon 2nds the motion. Majority vote approved.



Sylvia’s Note:  Above motion to adopt the Code of Ethics a good place to start, but CAPS MB should go farther.  Suggestions to amend point 9 of the Code of Ethics regarding sensitive information & confidentiality.

  1. Suggestion to send a note of deepest sympathies to the friends, family and colleagues of Paul Pender – from Tawse Winery who recently passed away
  2. Congrats to Seema Pal for passing her WSET Level Four D3 exam!! Huge accomplishment


  1. Sylvia moves to adjourn, Gary seconds. Meeting adjourned