Rebecca Lechman Memorial Bursary


Rebecca Lechman was a dear friend to many and a very active member of our Winnipeg wine community. Rebecca was a Certified Sommelier and loved learning about wine almost as much she loved sharing her knowledge and passion with others.

She was a wonderful mentor to many young people in our community. She gave her time and knowledge freely and took great pleasure in seeing the people she cared about succeed. Rebecca passed away suddenly and tragically in March of 2020, so as a tribute to her memory and her contribution to our community, CAPS Manitoba has created the Rebecca Lechman Memorial Bursary.

This bursary will award the recipient $1000 towards furthering their wine or hospitality education/training through the institution of their choosing.


In 1000 words or less please answer the question,

“What person and/or experiences have inspired you to further your education in the field of wine or hospitality?” 

Please include your potential contribution to promoting diversity, excellence, interaction and learning in the wine and spirits industry and any obstacles you may have faced. This bursary will be awarded based on need and merit.

The successful applicant will be chosen on the International Chardonnay Tasting & Rebecca Lechman Memorial Bursary Recipient Reveal Monday November 27 at Promenade Brasserie after the deadline below. Funds will be transferred upon proof of enrollment directly to the school/program of choice.  Any balance remaining can be applied to subsequent enrollment of programs following proof of enrollment.

The deadline for applications will be November 13, 2023.

Please send your application in PDF format to:

Please include your full name, followed by “Rebecca Lechman Memorial Bursary” in the subject line of the email.

On behalf of CAPS Manitoba, thank you for participating and good luck!