Membership Benefits - 2023

It doesn't matter if you're an Accredited Sommelier, Associate, Student, Honorary or Corporate member, there are multiple benefits available to CAPS members. We're happy to support all of our community.

Once you're joined - you have access to the following resources and discounts.

Cicerone Beer Level 1 Beer Savvy 20% Discount:  The Cicerone Certification Program has four certification levels.  Discounts to Level 2 are in the works!

Advance your career by becoming a Certified Beer Server Upgrade your beer vocabulary, beer style knowledge, and beer service skills Start your journey today with the BeerSavvy Course that includes the exam to become a Certified Beer Server.  

Extended Health Benefits - once you become a member you will have access to the link to apply for your personalized Health Benefits package courtesy of Green Shield Canada. Prices range depending on what packages you sign up for. 

CAPS MB Cup and the Best Sommelier of Manitoba Competition 2023- you'll get reduced cost tickets for both of these fabulous events coming up this year.

Cru by Caps - Online magazine publication created and curated from Sommeliers and professionals coast to coast.  Bringing you stories, recipes, cocktails, pairings and much more!  Get your subscription today!

Wine Scholar Guild - Wine Scholar Guild has given us a generous 20% discount on a 1 year membership (reg. Price $100/year) which gives you access to amazing online study tools. 

SommTV - for $25 per year. Keep up to date on the world of Sommelier from the team that brings you the "Somm" movies.

Rioja Wine Academy - Online Education Course


We are always looking for more new and innovative way to partner with our industry.  We strive to offer you the best and most incentives in your membership benefits  - we look forward to sharing them all with you!