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Join the local #Sommunity of wine service professionals and enthusiasts and become a CAPS Manitoba member today.

Accredited Sommelier - $75.00 (CAD) - Subscription period: 1 year Automatic renewal (recurring payments): Exclusively reserved for professionals. This membership requires approval. If you have been certified by an organization other than CAPS MB, please forward your particulars to This is a voting membership.

Associate Member - $75.00 (CAD) - Subscription period: 1 year Automatic renewal (recurring payments): Advised for smaller sized businesses, service industry staff, wine agents and administrators of private wine clubs. Wine, beer and spirit education and exposure and networking access within the MB wine community. Also recommended for lovers of wine who wish to share in the camaraderie and privileges of membership. This is a non-voting membership.

Students  $25.00 (CAD) - Subscription period: 1 year No automatic renewal payments Currently enrolled in wine studies/sommelier education. They may take advantage of CAPS Manitoba member benefits This is a non-voting membership.

Corporate Member - $200.00 (CAD) - Bundle (up to 4 members) Subscription period: 1 year Automatic renewal (recurring payments): Advised for businesses with more than 10 employees who wish to encourage staff participation in wine, beer and spirit education and networking within the MB wine community. This is a non-voting membership.

Add another member to a Corporate $50.00 (CAD)

Please email for any questions.